Greenville SC’s Highest Rated Apartment Complexes

Hey Greenville, I hope everyone is having a good Thursday and that everyone has had a good week so far.  Our movers have been hitting up downtown all week, enjoying good food from Chophouse, Starlight, 21 East, Augusta Grill, Addy’s, Bailey’s, etc….so many great places to eat & chill at in downtown Greenville.  We recently came across a rated of Greenville’s apartment complexes, courtesy of, and we decided you all might be interested in checking it out.  They have a good base of reviews, but honestly almost all of these apartment complexes in Greenville are legit, depending on your budget.

Ramblewood Apartments

2900 East North Street, Greenville, SC 29615
I have been here for about 4 years. I haven’t had any issues that you don’t have in most communities. Random little maintenance issues that have been fixed quickly. An extra outlet was even added for me in a bathroom. Something they certainly weren’t required to do, but did without hesitation for me. Every year some capital improvement has been done here.

Hunting Ridge Apartments

300 Sulphur Springs Road, Greenville, SC 29617
My experience has been simply wonderful so far. From the very first moment I visited requesting information I felt welcomed and the man at the office was very helpful and knowledgeable. My moving was very smooth and the apartment was in great condition. I will recommend it to anyone.
421 Duncan Chapel Road, Greenville, SC 29617
My husband and I have lived at the Vinnings for 11 months and we love it. The staff is super nice and maintenence requests are taken care of very quickly. The rooms are very well sound proofed and the one bedroom is still very spacious. It is super safe and the Furman police patrol the grounds periodically. I never felt unsafe here. There is always plenty of parking for us and our guests.

Northway Apartments

3800 East North Street, Greenville, SC 29615
I’ve lived here for 1 y. 8 mo. and also have no real complaints (except for the no-pet policy!). As the other reviewer said the 1 BRs are small and don’t have enough storage, also if you like to cook the kitchen lacks counter space, and the BA is small too, but it’s enough for one person if you don’t own a lot of stuff. Also, there are no balconies.

Montague Place

51 Montague Road, Greenville, SC 29617
I am a current resident of Montague Place. I have just renewed my lease… and LOVE my townhome. It is a quiet, enjoyable community with a real sense of family. Neighbors chat with each other from their front porches.. children play together… it has a very unique feel for an apartment community. The current owners are young and hard-working.

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