Our Movers Top Ten List of Places to Check Out in Downtown Greenville, SC

Greenville, SC: Top Ten List of Places to Check Out Downtown

Our movers love checking out the thriving metropolis of Greenville SC!  There are great things to see, do, eat, etc all over the place….in fact, Main Street in downtown Greenville was awarded one of the Top Ten Streets in the Country!

We found a great blog article by Oh Amanda talking about Greenville’s amazing downtown (http://ohamanda.com/2010/07/05/greenville-sc-top-ten-tuesday/) — check out more below:

Downtown Greenville is full of small southern shops, beautiful old buildings and delicious restaurants. So, here are our TOP TEN PLACES TO GO SEE IN DOWNTOWN GREENVILLE, SC!


Smoke On The Water

Their byline is “a saucy Southern tavern”. I like that, don’t you? Our waitress wasn’t all that great and when I asked her what was good she said, “Uhm. The special is good. Wait, what’s the special again? Oh yeah. It’s good.” So, I listened to one of the actual good waiters and he said they were featured in Southern Living for their pimento cheese. Yeah. So, I had to get it.

smoke on the water

And it was good. For an entree, I got some kind of fish. It was ok. But the sugar snap peas with red peppers? Oh my. They were divine.

saucy tavern

Mary Beth’s at McBee

This was our first actual meal in Greenville. We slept so late that first day we skipped breakfast. Which is a travesty, in my opinion. But the time does not stop my need for breakfast. Mary Beth’s serves breakfast all day long. And I walked away with my tummy full of LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES. Oh my good heavens.

mary beth's restaurant


Falls Park

Just two blocks from our hotel is this amazing park complete with waterfall, swimming hole, crazy amazing bridge and breathtaking flowersIf it hadn’t been for the 9million degree weather, I would have stayed there all day.

Picnik collage

Picnik collage


The Poinsett Hotel

poinsett hotel

We love buildings with history and this one has it. It was build in 1925 and when we drove into town we saw it immediately because of it’s lovely old neon sign.

poinsett hotel

A view of the hotel from the ground.

Mill Town Emporium
Right next door to the saucy southern tavern was the Milltown Emporium. And it was full of such adorable treasures and southern-belle-ish employees, that I could have stayed all day.

mill town emporium

Plus, I bought these super cute bunny bookends and a big red bird. Yeah, it sounds really lame. But I promise, you’ll want some of your own. {And if I get up early enough, I’ll take a pic of them for you!}

Go Fish

go fish greenville sc

I’ll admit, we stopped in here because of the fish. I was hoping it was a C28 kinda store. It wasn’t but I was impressed with the kind of store it was—everything was fair trade. The owners travel to different countries and find local artisans. They pay whatever the artisans ask, then bring their wares back to sell in the United States. The employees we talked to were passionate about the store. It was full of beautiful accessories and home decor.

Our final meal in Greenville may have been our best. We had eaten a big lunch but I still wanted a good dinner (oh, we had popcorn at the movie theatre, too!) so we found a tapas restaurant called Cazbah. Our first mini-meal was called the Southern Sushi Roll. It was a “crab stick, sashimi tuna, avocado, cream cheese, asparagus, and spicy asian mayo, fried like only a Southerner could!”

cazbah sushi

And can I just say yee-haw?! It was stinkin’ good.

The Mice on Main

mice on main

This is the cutest thing ever. There are a bunch of little mice statues hidden all over downtown. Some are a part of other statues, some are doing their own thing but they are all waiting to be found. It’s a big scavenger hunt that a High School Senior designed as a gift to Greenville (or maybe it was his Senior Project, regardless, it was a super cool idea!). This would be so fun for kids to do—ok,  I had fun looking for them, too!

Luna Rosa Gelato Cafe

gelato cinnamon

Now, let’s fisnish it off with some dessert. As we enjoyed an evening of jazz on Main Street (actually we missed it because we stood in line so long to get this dessert) we ate some GELATO.