Update Regarding Covid-19 / Coronavirus from Tiger Movers of Greenville

Dear Tiger Nation,

All of us are being impacted by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in some regard, be it our personal or professional lives, and we wanted to take the time to update you on how we are taking steps to protect your well-being, as well as that of our movers.

The CDC has set guidance for lowering the risk of COVID -19 transmission, and we are practicing the following steps constructed around that guidance:

-Train all crew members on novel coronavirus warning signs and symptoms
-Monitor the evolving standards with a system to deliver updates to crew members
-Provide incentives to employees to encourage them to stay home and not work when sick
-Allow office staff to work from home
-Frequent disinfecting of the interior surfaces of our moving trucks and office
-Provide gloves to all crew members
-Availability of approved sanitizing products for crew members
-Reduce risk by instructing movers to avoid handshaking with customers and to maintain an interaction distance of at least 3 ft
-Instruction to all staff to frequently wash or sanitize hands and to avoid touching their faces

The services that we provide to our customers are relatively low risk. Packing and moving do not typically require close (3-6 ft in proximity) interaction between our movers and customers. On average, the number of movers in your home will fall between 2 and 6 individuals. We are making sure that all working Tiger Moving employees are free of symptoms, not only to protect our customers, but also to protect our employees.

We are working to stay ahead of the situation and to inform you each time there are changes in protocol or in our ability to operate (as mandated by local or federal authorities). This includes guidance not only from the CDC but from state and local health authorities.
We appreciate you and are working to make sure that we continue to earn your trust and appreciation in return.

Thank You and God Bless!

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