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Update Regarding Covid-19 / Coronavirus from Tiger Movers of Greenville

Dear Tiger Nation, All of us are being impacted by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in some regard, be it our personal or professional lives, and we wanted to take the time to update you on how we are taking steps to protect your well-being, as well as that of our movers. The CDC has set […]

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Specialty Items: Can it be moved?

SPECIALTY ITEMS (APPLIANCES, ELECTRONICS, HANGING, PICTURES, MIRRORS): Ask us how we transport these items. We have a lot of experience moving these things and will happily explain our methods. Many front-load washers/dryers have special pins to secure their drums. We are happy to install these pins for you if you still have them. These pins […]

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6 Tips for Packing Like the Pros

HOW TO PACK BOXES: Aim to have all boxes weigh less than 40 pounds. Use 3 strands of tape going in the same direction to secure the bottom portion of the box. Outside strands should halfway overlap the center strand. Use two strands to secure top portion of box. You can save a few boxes […]

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11 Essential Items for Moving Day

We have found the best rates on packing supplies at Lowe’s & Home Depot. Small, medium & large boxes. Do not underestimate the number of small boxes you will need. Small boxes are less expensive and are much easier to carry. 4-6 rolls of “packing” tape for taping boxes. Avoid purchasing tape guns because they […]

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Relocation Services for Greenville SC and Upstate South Carolina

If you are relocating to or from the greater Greenville SC or Upstate SC region then call TIGER MOVING — your Clean-cut, well-trained, friendly and reliable movers! Job relocation can be a very exciting time….it can also be extremely stressful.  Let us help make your move incredibly quick, easy and stress-free.  We will help you […]

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College Dorm Moving

IF YOU ARE MOVING IN TO COLLEGE, MOVING OUT OF COLLEGE OR RELOCATING IN OR AROUND CAMPUS THEN CALL TIGER MOVING — GREENVILLE SC AND UPSTATE SC’S CLEAN-CUT, WELL-TRAINED, FRIENDLY AND RELIABLE MOVERS! Our well-trained and clean-cut movers are the best choice for anyone who is moving in to college, moving out of college or […]

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5 moving tips to keep you sane on moving day

Moving is one of life’s many pains. It’s stressful, exhausting and can cause tempers to flair. But it doesn’t have to be. Of course we’ll be the first to advocate hiring professionals like your trusted friends at Tiger Moving Company, but as experienced movers we have pro-tips to share to help ease your next move. […]

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Clemson is going to the Playoffs

All of Upstate South Carolina and Greenville rejoiced this weekend as our Clemson Tigers beat the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the ACC Championship and move onto the Playoffs, joined by MSU, Alabama and Oklahoma.  Our movers would like to extend our gratitude to Dabo, Deshaun and the entire team for an incredible regular […]

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Prayers to our fellow South Carolinians

It has been a beautiful week in Greenville and all of upstate South Carolina. It has been a welcome change for our movers and all the people of our great state, as the rain has finally moved out.  We send our prayers and deepest condolences to all the people in Columbia, Charleston, and all the […]

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Gotta love the Summer in Greenville

Greenville is great in every season….and summer is no different.  The heat hasn’t been too bad, and even on those hot days there are plenty of pools around to jump in and the Simpsonville water park is really close, and Carowinds isn’t that far away for a fun day-long trip.  Downtown Greenville is the best […]